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About Valsøya

We are a family business with 2 employees all year and 5 employees in the summer. Valsøya is built from old houses from the 1700s and 1800s, transported here to create a new life. We are located right on the water front of the fjord. Easily accessible from the E39 and centrally located between three airports all with a distance of 2 hours drive.

Our reception and restaurant building called "Saltrøfjøset" was built in 1760. In the restaurant we have seating for 70 people spread over 2 floors. We serve traditional cuisine in a cozy atmosphere all summer with pleasant hosts. In our marina you can arrive by boat, and there are both places for day visits with the possibility of also hiring regular boat rentals. We have access to electricity, water and all necessary facilities you will need whilst you are here. We can recommend the building 'Himmelblå Feriehus' for those who love the sea and sea-related activities.

The Valsøya is built as an addition to the farm. When the Norwegian Public Roads Administration built the road over and bridge over to the island they dropped all the surplus earth that had been dug up between Valsøya and Hestholmen. This area also added to our existing farm and my dad and I discussed what the new area could be used for. My dad wanted to think about it longer while we wanted to start camping straight away. The building 'Berjebakkstua' was the first stage, she came on a fleet from the neighbouring area of Valsøybotn. This was rebuilt into the current cafe and reception you can see today. The annex area was a old sanitary house with an apartment on the second floor. This area was planted with grass and birch trees.


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Postal address: Valsøyvegen 1 ZIP code: 6687 City: Valsøyfjord

Visiting address: GPS: N 63`8,548` E 8`31,996`


Orgnisation numberr: 976 095 189

Telefon: 915 55 165
Mobil: 915 55 165